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  • TSSA Certified Electric & Gas Appliance Repair Technician includes Fridge, Stove, Oven, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer Repairs
  • ODP Licensed Refrigerant & Compressor Work | Seal System Technician
  • 15 + Years Repair Experiences with all Major Make and Models
  • 90 Days Warranty On Our Appliance Repairs
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Same Day Service

For Fridge, Stove, Oven, Dishwasher,Washer Dryer Repairs

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Licensed & Insured Technician

All Our Technician are fully Insured & TSSA  Certified Gas G2.

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Simple Hassle-Free Repair

Our flat repair fee with 90 days Warranty on repairs provide stress-free repair experience

Some Of Common Appliances Issues

Fridge Compressor Stopped Working ? 

It is probably at dead compressor or no gas Or it could be both.

Most manufacturer provide 2-5years warranty on seal system. But it usually last over its mftr warranty. Problem with Compressor or the fridge seal system usually shows after 10+ years. & We know we can easily use the fridge for another 10 more years instead of replacing it with expensive newer model. We provide seal system repair to recharge your gas in the system, change the compressor if need to. Seal system only cost 1/10 of newer fridge. Its always wise to try atleast one repair before giving up on your fridge.

Dishwasher door free falling & not cleaning dishesh as it used to?

Dishwasher Repair for any of these common problems

  • Dishwasher spray arms has no water pressure
  • Dishwasher rack railing are falling apart
  • Leaky Dishwasher ?

QuickFix Appliances is one stop solution for any dishwasher problems in Toronto GTAH.

Stove Repair Electric | Gas 

Heating Element not glowing hot ?


Food residue and liquid spillage on our bake and broil element cause bad smell initially and later impede proper continuity and finally lead to faulty element. We recommend cleaning the element on regular basis to avoid premature repairs. 

Call Us for professional stove and oven repairs for any issues, be it igniter issues or burner issues and temperature setting control board issues.

Washer & Dryer Repairs

Washer not draining waster or not filling up ?

Draining issue might be simple clog or because of faulty drain Pump. Worry Not – We diagnose it in minutes and get it working for you right away.

Dryer is usally maintenance free unit other than cleaning its filter and vent regularly. The most common issue with dryer is not heating enough n you end up with wet clothes after the drying cycle. If you notice your clothes not dry after cycle. Don’t wait for days. Call QuickFix Appliances repair professional. We repair dryer from 15+years. We know whats wrong with your dryer and will get it operating within one visit with our 90% of time.  








Here are some Appliance Maintenance & Repairs  frequently questions.

Why my Refrigerator is not cooling?

There is few things that could go wrong for fridge not cooling. Here is the two most common cause. 1.) Evaporator Fan Motor which circulate the cool air. 2. ) Condenser Fan Motor which draws air through the coil n over the compressor.

My clothes come out wet after finishing the dryer cycle

It s probably the Thermal Fuse that is design to protect the dryer from overheating. Hence its good to check both heater assembly and the fuse for not heating issue.

Dishwasher not cleaning dishes. What is the fix?

Dishes not cleaning properly could be cause by various reason. Anything that is related to water supply to water pumping to water splashing components. A professional help is recommended.

Why my fridge not defrosting?

 Defrost Timer dictate the defrost heater to activate through out the day to melt any frost that get accumulated on the coils. A bad defrost timer stops that defrosting process. Need to replace the defrost timer to fix this issue.

My Washer wont drain, How to fix it?

DRAIN PUMP – Yes as the name implies. Washer over the course of age does get caught small articles clothes in the drain pump. Remove the pump and check for obstruction. clean n clear any articles of it. Might even need replacing the pump if its faulty. 

Why my Stove burner wont’ light?

Spark Module and Spark Ignition Switch are two component that governs the burner ignition. It require professional to diagnose the part n replacement.

Stove is working fine but oven is not working. 

Check if bake element is glowing red or not. Look for any holes or blisters. Element are not repairable. To determine if the bake element has burned out, use a multi-meter to test the element for continuity. If the bake element does not have continuity, replace it..

My Washer won’t spin or agitate, help please

These are few common cause of washer not agitating

  • Drive Belt – Inspect the belt to check if its broken or just off the pulley. Put it back if its jst came of the pulley. Or repalce it its crack or loose. 

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