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About Westinghouse Appliances

Westinghouse is an American home appliance brand that has been around since 1886. in 1909 Westinghouse designed the first all electric kitchen range, in 1950 the first temperature controlled portable grill. Westinghouse appliances include wine cellars, small appliances and microwaves. Westinghouse appliances add a beautiful touch to your kitchen at home. It is important for you to choose a brand that you can rely on Westinghouse is one of them!

Westinghouse Wine Cellar Repair

Westinghouse wine cellars use ultra quiet thermal electric cooling technology which makes them idea for countertop use. They have temperature controls for both red wine and white wine, and have either a touch panel or mechanical adjustable thermostat control. If your Westinghouse wine cellar has stopped working, or isnt keeping cool, call QuickFix today!

Westinghouse Microwave Repair

Westinghouse microwaves combine space-saving design with innovative features. They come in arange of sizes, colors and power levels to complement every home and lifestyle. if you are looking to have your Westinghouse microwave repaired and you live in Toronto or area, call QuickFix Appliance repair technicians today!

Westinghouse Small Appliance Repair

QuickFix appliances is also available to service your Westinghouse small appliances. Westinghouse has numerous small kitchen appliances in which we are here to repair. You may think you should just get a new one, but call us for a free repair quote first!

Westinghouse small appliances include the following:

  • Coffee makers
  • Blenders
  • Rice cookers  (14 cup , 20 cup)
  • Slow cookers ( 7 quart, 8 quart)
  • Toaster ovens ( 9 liter, 10 liter)

Same Day Westinghouse Appliance Repair Services in Toronto and areas!

QuickFix Appliance repair technicians are always in the neighbourhood. With same day appliance repair services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your Westinghouse appliances.