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Quick Fix Appliances Warranty Form Page

To book a warranty check up, please fill out the form on the right hand side. A QuickFix service representative will contact you within 24 hours to book an appointment at your convenience.

This form must be filled out completely, and emailed to in order to book a warranty repair.

Click Here to download warranty form

Warranty Checkup Rules and Guidelines:

    • The warranty does not apply in any case of excessive or non-standard usage.
    • The warranty does not cover any clogs of any kind.
    • The warranty will not be in effect in a case of negligence and/or misuse of the appliance.
    • The warranty will not be in effect due to damage that was caused directly or indirectly by the customer.
    • The warranty will not be in effect if any foreign objects enter the pump, motors, or any other mechanical part.
    • We always try to fix your appliance, if possible, by labour only, to save you money. If the technicians states on your invoice, that if the same problem comes back, you will need to purchase a new part(s). The warranty will not apply, and you must purchase the new part(s), however, everything that was paid, will act as credit to wards the part(s) and installation.

For all other inquiries about QuickFix Appliances warranty policies, please contact the office in one of the following ways.

Contact Info: