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Fridge Repair Service Toronto GTA | Hamilton | Richmond Hill | Whitby |

Toronto’s Best Refrigerator Repair Service Provider base on Homestars customer reviews.

Same Day Service for every possible Fridge makes and models

ODP Licensed Technician for Compressor & Seal Systems jobs  

90 Days Warranty on our Repairs

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7 Days A Week Customer Support To Schedule Technician Visit.

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ODP Licensed Refrigerant Technician To Resolve Any Fridge Issues 

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90 Days Warranty On Our Repairs Parts & Labor

Fridge Repair Service in Toronto GTA With Over 15+ Years Experience.

At QuickFix Appliances, Our Refrigerator technician are factory trained to fix any makes and models. We work on all North American, European and Korean made brands.

Refrigerator were used to made to cool n to last and in recent years refrigerator has evolve from just basic cooling mechanism to making ice, dispensing cleaned filtered water to keeping inventory of your produce, meats and fruits and beverages in the fridge. And with those bundles of lifestyle fridge. We see whole lot of moving mechanical components and electronic boards.

That’s why we at QuickFix Appliances upgrade our technician skills and expertise with constant training with all the manufacturer’s fridge technology upgrade. This ensure that whether you got 20 years old fridge or a year-old modern-day fridge. We are certified and well verse with whatever come to resolve any fridge problem.

Why Choose QuickFix Appliance ?

Factory Trained Technician, which ensures our technician are well verse with all the recall, warranty policy and update on any affected fridge makes and models

Strategically located Fridge repair technician across Toronto GTA, to ensure our client receive prompt service

Fridge repair parts are solely sources from manufacturer, to ensure new parts extend the lifespan of your Fridge

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Functional Fridge Keeps Health Family

Get Your Broken Fridge Fixed RightAway. We Understand the value of functional Fridge for Household health and budget.

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What Types of Fridge We Fix.

We at QuickFix Appliance repair handle all types of fridge and problems. Our Fridge technician will diagnose the problem for you and explain the repair cost involve. This way our client can always make a informed decision. No obligation on repair for our repair part quote. We trust our client will always able to make right decision with our right diagnose report.

fridge repair toronto

  • Side by Side Fridge Repair
  • French door Fridge Repair
  • Top Freezer Type Fridge Repair
  • Bottom Freezer Type Fridge Repair

Common Fridge Problems


  1.  Fridge is not cooling
  2. Fridge Ice Maker won’t start
  3. Freezer is ok but Fridge is not cooling
  4. Defrosting issue with Fridge
  5. Fridge Compressor is making hissing noise
  6. Fridge Water Dispenser is not working
  7. Fridge is leaking water inside and pool at bottom of crisper
  1. Fridge freezing food
  2. Fridge compressor is very hot
  3. Fridge is dead
  4. Fridge door not closing properly
  5. Fridge door side needs to change
  6. Condensation issue with Fridge
  7. Fridge need to recharge freon gas

GE Refrigerator Repair

As one of the oldest and most trusted major appliance brands, General Electric (GE) is the most popular make of refrigerator in most of our homes. With Ge’s reliability, functionality and quality, GE fridges have become the most sought after, whether it your first entry level fridge or your ultra luxury fridge. Our experienced appliance repair technicians specialize in General Electric refrigerator repair in Toronto GTA including the new GE Profile Refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator Repair

LG is a highly popular choice for home refrigerators because of its stylish design and affordability. LG has been one of the world’s top innovators among fridges constantly pushing for more functionality and more energy efficiency. Common LG refrigerator problems that our major appliance repair technicians service include loud noises caused by cooling mechanisms, leaking supply lines, faulty freezer sensors and more.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Repair

KitchenAid refrigerators come in a variety of styles including built-in refrigerators, freestanding and under counter fridges. When it comes to KitchenAid refrigerator repair in in Toronto GTA our major appliance repair vans are well stocked and our service technicians have a lot of experience with them. We can come to your home and provide you with same day refrigerator repair service to get your fridge back to its original working condition.

Maytag Refrigerator Repair

The Maytag brand is equivalent to quality, strength and efficiency and is well recognized in the industry as manufacturing some of “The Best” major appliances on the market. If your Maytag fridge stops working for any reason a Quick Fix service technician can provide prompt Maytag refrigerator repair in in Toronto GTA and the surrounding area. Most often we can come to your home on the same day and have your Maytag fridge repaired in no time.

Whirlpool Fridge Repair Toronto GTA

For Whirlpool refrigerator repair, in Toronto GTA residents can rely on Quick Fix Appliances. Whirlpool’s latest high-technology appliances, which often include ice makers, filtered water and sophisticated electronic fridge controls, do need some repairs occasionally. If you own a Whirlpool refrigerator that is giving you trouble contact Quick Fix appliance repair technicians for same day service.

Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Toronto GTA

Kenmore appliances, including refrigerators, are sold exclusively through Sears and depending on the model number, the Kenmore fridges are manufactured by a variety of companies including Whirlpool, GE and LG. With all the top names in fridge technology manufacturing the Kenmore fridges, you know you are buying a reliable and quality appliance. If you bought your Kenmore fridge through Sears and are in need of refrigerator repair, [SessionContent type=”CityName”]’s Quick Fix appliance repair can help.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair Toronto GTA

For Samsung fridge repairs in in Toronto GTA area residents can rely on QuickFix Appliances. Samsung’s latest technology appliances which often include Wi-Fi, Apps and Touch Screens, do need some repairs occasionally. Samsung is constantly innovating and trying to set the standard for the industry. When you want quality, innovation and performance, buy a Samsung fridge. If you own a Samsung refrigerator that is giving you some trouble, contact the experts at QuickFix Appliances for same day service.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair in Toronto GTA

A pioneer in refrigeration technology for almost 100 years, Frigidaire is currently owned by one of the world’s largest appliance manufacturers, Electrolux. Frigidaire fridges provides homeowners the reliability and reputation of its parent company, while being very affordable and innovative. Quick Fix Appliances repair service will be able to fix your broken fridge before your food spoils. Call Quick Fix Appliances today!

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in in Toronto GTA

Sub-Zero is a luxury refrigerator brand based in the United States. Sub-Zero provides the ultimate experience for home fridge use. Sub-Zero is the only company that provides dual-refrigeration, which Sub-Zero claims will keep fresh food fresher and perserve frozen food longer. If your Sub-Zero is ever in need of a repair. Look no further than QuickFix Appliances for all your Sub-Zero fridge repair needs!

Other Refrigerator Brands That We Service

In addition to the 7 fridge models we’ve highlighted above, Quick Fix Appliances also services many other less prevalent brands of refrigerators including:

Contact Quick Fix at for a free over the phone Refrigerator Repair Estimate in in Toronto GTA Area today.

Same Day Refrigerator Service And Repairs In Toronto GTA

If you live in in Toronto GTA area, Quick Fix appliance repair technicians are always in the neighbourhood. With same day fridge services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your fridge using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common refrigerator repair parts.



Here are some Appliance Maintenance & Repairs  frequently questions.

Why my Refrigerator is not cooling?

There is few things that could go wrong for fridge not cooling. Here is the two most common cause. 1.) Evaporator Fan Motor which circulate the cool air. 2. ) Condenser Fan Motor which draws air through the coil n over the compressor.

My clothes come out wet after finishing the dryer cycle

It s probably the Thermal Fuse that is design to protect the dryer from overheating. Hence its good to check both heater assembly and the fuse for not heating issue.

Dishwasher not cleaning dishes. What is the fix?

Dishes not cleaning properly could be cause by various reason. Anything that is related to water supply to water pumping to water splashing components. A professional help is recommended.

Why my fridge not defrosting?

 Defrost Timer dictate the defrost heater to activate through out the day to melt any frost that get accumulated on the coils. A bad defrost timer stops that defrosting process. Need to replace the defrost timer to fix this issue.

My Washer wont drain, How to fix it?

DRAIN PUMP – Yes as the name implies. Washer over the course of age does get caught small articles clothes in the drain pump. Remove the pump and check for obstruction. clean n clear any articles of it. Might even need replacing the pump if its faulty. 

Why my Stove burner wont’ light?

Spark Module and Spark Ignition Switch are two component that governs the burner ignition. It require professional to diagnose the part n replacement.

Stove is working fine but oven is not working. 

Check if bake element is glowing red or not. Look for any holes or blisters. Element are not repairable. To determine if the bake element has burned out, use a multi-meter to test the element for continuity. If the bake element does not have continuity, replace it..

My Washer won’t spin or agitate, help please

These are few common cause of washer not agitating

  • Drive Belt – Inspect the belt to check if its broken or just off the pulley. Put it back if its jst came of the pulley. Or repalce it its crack or loose. 

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