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What Types of Fridge We Repair ?

We at QuickFix Appliance repair handle all types of fridge and problems. Our Fridge technician will diagnose the problem for you and explain the repair cost involve. This way our client can always make a informed decision. No obligation on repair for our repair part quote. We trust our client will always able to make right decision with our right diagnose report.

fridge type repair

  • Side by Side Fridge Repair
  • French door Fridge Repair
  • Top Freezer Type Fridge Repair
  • Bottom Freezer Type Fridge Repair

Common Fridge Issues


  • Fridge is not cooling
  • Fridge Ice Maker won’t start
  • Freezer is ok but Fridge is not cooling
  • Defrosting issue with Fridge
  • Fridge Compressor is making hissing noise
  • Fridge Water Dispenser is not working
  • Fridge is leaking water inside and pool at bottom of crisper
  • Fridge freezing food
  • Fridge compressor is very hot
  • Fridge is dead
  • Fridge door not closing properly
  • Fridge door side needs to change
  • Condensation issue with Fridge
  • Fridge need to recharge freon gas
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