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About Tappan Appliances

Tappan appliances first came into production in 1877. For 120 years, Tappan has been associated with high-end cooking expertise. Modern Tappan appliances feature the latest evolutions in home appliances, while also being consist when it comes to durability and reliability.

Tappan Fridge Repair

If your Tappan fridge is having problems, you should call QuickFix Appliance repair specialists. Tappan offers a variety of fridge options including; bottom-mount, top-mount, side-by-side, french-door, stand-alone and built-in refrigerators. This means, you can find trusted and reliable repairs for all Tappan fridge models.

Tappan Dishwasher Repair

Consumers often flock towards Tappan as their dishwasher of choice. With many options to choose from, consumers are able to select the perfect setting for their unique dishwashing needs. Tappan also has their dishwashers Wi-Fi enabled so you can see on your mobile device when your dishwasher is done. QuickFix technicians are ready to service and repair your Tappan dishwasher if it ever breaks down on you.

Tappan Stove Repair

Tappan stoves are often adored for their high-end aesthetic appeal.. Tappan has a knack for designing their appliances the same way that they design their electronics; with an emphasis on making them elegant, sleek and unique.. Anytime you buy a Tappan appliance, it will definitely attract compliments from your friends and family. If your Tappan stove ever breaks down, don’t panic and call the experts at QuickFix Appliance Repair!

Tappan Oven Repair

Like Tappan stoves, Tappan ovens are created with design in mind. Tappan ovens can be purchased in many models, such as built in, or stand alone, and gas or electric. Tappan has developed a truly unique oven, where you can cook two different items at different temperatures inside just one oven door!  If your Tappan oven is ever need of some service or a repair, don’t hesitate to call the technicians at QuickFix Appliance Repair. We are available year round and provide same day service.

Tappan Washer Repair

Tappan is known for creating high end and technologically evolved washing machines.. The Tappan washing machines feature an elegant touchscreen display which let you select your cycle and your options. QuickFix Appliance Repair is very knowledgeable with Tappan washers. If your Tappan washer ever lets you down, you know who to call!

Tappan Dryer Repair

The Tappan washer and dryer units, like all Tappan appliance, have a great focus on making your home beautiful.. Tappan dryers are also Energy Star certified, ensuring that you can save money at home through your energy and electric usage.  If your Tappan dryer is ever in need of a repair, call the experts at QuickFix today!

Same Day Tappan Appliance Repair Services in Toronto

QuickFix Appliance repair technicians are always in the neighbourhood. With same day Tappan appliance repair services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your Tappan appliance using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common Tappan repair parts.