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georginaapplianceRisk-free appliance assessment, repair, or replacement! If you are on the fence between repairing or replacing your broken appliance, then this offer is right for you!

Your diagnosis fee of $120 can be deducted from either your repair cost or the cost of a replacement appliance. Try this Quick Fix exclusive offer with no risks involved!

A service call and diagnosis of your broken down appliance is offered for the low price of $120. If you decide to go ahead with your repair, that $120 will be deducted from your repair cost! 

However, what happens if you decide against repair, and instead would like to purchase a new appliance? Quick Fix has you covered. If you decide to purchase a new appliance instead of repairing your current one, your $120 will be deducted from the cost of your new appliance!

QuickFix Appliances and Sears

Quick Fix in the GTA has proudly partnered with Sears to bring you this unique offer. All appliances available by Sears are offered by Quick Fix Appliances. This means that you can find your ideal new appliance from Quick Fix and apply your $120 deductible from your new appliance costs.

Warranty and Protection

What kind of warranty and protection do you receive with your appliance from Sears? With your Sears appliance purchase from Quick Fix plus $120 deductible, you are eligible for all warranties offered by Sears. A protection agreement straight from Sears is available, which  not only offers completely covered repairs, but also will guarantee discounts on repairs not covered by the warranty. The Sears protection agreement will cover the parts and labor costs of all included repair needs.

Manufacturer’s warranties are also available on a  wide range of products. If your new appliance is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you can receive free maintenance and appliance support from Sears Tech Specialists.

Repair vs. Replacement

If you are on the fence about either repairing your broken down appliance or purchasing a new one, this deal offered exclusively by Quick Fix Toronto is ideal for you. No matter which direction you decide to go on, your initial $120 service call cost will be used. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, you will receive an $120 credit towards your repair. This, essentially, makes the cost of the service call and diagnosis completely free! If you decide to replace your appliance instead of repair it, then you are given an $120 deduction on your costs of the new appliance. This, combined with the amazing warranty opportunities offered by Sears is not an offer you want to miss!

Why Choose Quick Fix Toronto?

Quick Fix Appliances is an industry leader in providing safe, reliable, and affordable appliance repairs. Our skilled, licensed, and insured technicians offer top of the line care on a  same-day basis. Our replacement trucks are fully stocked daily and repair technicians are strategically placed around the GTA to ensure prompt service. Your warrantied repair will occur in a timely manner, all at low and competitive prices!

Do not delay! Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer by Quick Fix Appliances and Sears by calling Quick Fix at 1-888-549-6777 today!