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For quick and reliable Maytag Dryer repairs, call Quick Fix Appliances today at

Does your Maytag dryer not dry as you wish?

Do your clothes come out still damp or dried to a crisp?

Is your Maytag dryer too noisy, too silent or simply too unpredictable?

The technicians at QuickFix Appliances have repaired just about every Maytag dryer problem under the sun. Maytag is one of the most popular makes in Canada and their appliance can sometimes seem to last for ever, but once parts wear out they need to be replaced and that is where QuickFix Appliances can lend a helping hand.

Our trained technicians will respond to your call in one of our many GTA repair vehicles that we keep fully stocked with the spare parts we most frequently use to repair Maytag driers. This means that we can likely complete your Maytag dryer repair in just one visit, saving time, labor and call-out costs and ensuring that your repair is very affordable.

We have repair vehicles stationed all over the GTA – in fact there is probably one parked close to you now with a team of our QuickFix Technicians repairing a dryer or other domestic appliance even as you read this!

Our technicians are very good and efficient at what they do and will work quickly and cleanly to get your Maytag dryer or any other malfunctioning appliance back to fully working order just as quick as they can.

We work weekends, holidays and even during the evening so that we can fit in with your work schedule and you won’t have to take time away from work. We even offer same day service if you prefer.

So if you’re tired of your kitchen getting all steamed up because your Maytag dryer refuses to work, or if any other disobedient appliance is getting you down, give QuickFix Appliances a call today.

Our same day service hotline is 1 (888) 549-6777.

Or you can schedule an appliance repair appointment by calling 1 (888) 549-6777.

Or even click here to request a QuickFix Appliances technician visit online.