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MAYTAG APPLIANCE REPAIR Fridge | Stove| Oven | Dishwasher | Washer Dryer Repairs

  • TSSA Certified Electric & Gas Maytag Appliance Repair Technician
  • ODP Licensed Refrigerant &  Compressor | Seal System Technician
  • 15 + Years Repair Experiences with all  Maytag Applainces
  • 90 Days Warranty On Our Appliance Repairs  
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Do you have a broken Maytag appliance and looking for repair service for your not cooling refrigerator? or looking for a maintenance upkeep and cleaning services for your Maytag appliances to boast its operation potentials and lifespan.

QuickFix Appliances has the factory trained Maytag appliance repair professional that would get your kitchen and laundry appliances working like new. We also perform regular service and maintenance using Maytag parts to extend your appliances working like brand new.

QuickFix Appliances services and repairs Maytag appliances across the Toronto GTAH Areas. Contact us at 416-226-6731, send us a text message, or reach us online.

Our factory trained service technicians troubleshoot any issue you’ll ever have on your Maytag appliance.

QuickFix Appliances strive to provide reliable, affordable and stress-free Maytag Appliance repair service across Toronto GTAH.

Maytag Appliance Repair
Maytag Appliance Repair
Maytag Fridge Repair

If your Maytag refrigerator isn’t cooling or keeping the maintaining the required temperature in fridge and freezer section. Our team of QuickFix Appliances technicians know Maytag Refrigerator repair like back of their hand. We’re always use original Maytag parts which ensure that new replaced parts sync right in with other component of appliance and extend its lifespan.

We service all maytag fridge models, including stand-alone, built-in, wine coolers and freezers.

Contact us for any of the below Maytag fridge repair problems:

  • Fridge making loud noise
  • Fridge door seal ripped
  • Fridge not maintaining the right temperature
  • Ice maker is not producing ice
  • Fridge is not working but freezer is ok
  • Defrosting issue, ice builts up


Here are some frequently asked questions for Maytag Appliance.

How long it takes to repair Maytag Fridge?

Most of our Maytag fridge repair takes about 30mins – an hour. But if we required additional hours or visits. You are covered under our flat repair rate. So its a stress-free flat labor rate. And we waive service charge if you repair with us.

Mytag Washer is not agitating. What could have gone wrong ?

Washer not agitating can be cause of many mechanical issue with washer depending on the make and model of it

It can as as simple as drive belt fall off its position. It can be because of damaged tub bearing, which is big job and require professional repair man to fix it. Call QuickFix Maytag washer repairman now and get it fixed asap.

My Maytag Washer is leaking badly. Is this fixable?

Yes, leaking issue is very common and we master it with our 15+years in field fixing maytag washers.

In case of leaks. Shut off the water inlet valve rightaway and contact us for professional diagnose and repair.

Maytag Electric Range oven section is not working

The most common problem with oven not heating is faulty baking and broil element. Diagnose it with a multi meter or physically look for a damages on it. If there is no continuation or physical damage. It needs to replace to get it fixed. 

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