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For quick and reliable Kenmore Dryer repairs, call Quick Fix Appliances today at 1 (888) 549-6777or Book an appointment online

QuickFix Appliances’ skilled repair technicians work weekends, evenings and holidays to repair Kenmore dryers and your other appliances at a time that is convenient for you.

Call 1 (888) 549-6777 for same day service and to book an expert QuickFix Appliances repair!

  • Are you stuck with a washer full of wet laundry because your Kenmore dryer won’t turn on?
  • Or does the dryer turn on but it refuses to heat?
  • Or perhaps it turns on all right and dries your clothes but then refuses to switch off!

At QuickFix Appliances we have seen, and repaired, all types of Kenmore dryer issues and can usually get your dryer working on the same day you call for service.

This is thanks to our professional technicians and well-stocked repair vehicles which are based at strategic locations throughout the GTA. We know from experience that we can easily help resolve your Kenmore dryer and other appliance repairs in just a matter of hours – with same day service if you choose!

QuickFix Appliances friendly, technicians are true professionals and come to you highly trained and skilled for your further peace of mind. And because we can so often fix your appliances in the first, call-out visit, our prices remain competitive, very affordable and definitely won’t leave you reeling from shock!

So whenever your Kenmore dryer starts to act up, call QuickFix Appliances right away and we’ll do all we can to make sure your laundry is drying before the end of the day.

So no matter which of your appliances needs repairs, if you live in the GTA area thenQuickFix Appliances is the fast, efficient and affordable appliance repair company for you.
Call us today on 1 (888) 549-6777 to set up your Kenmore dryer or other appliance repair appointment.

Or click here to schedule by internet your Kenmore dryer repair.