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About Inglis Appliances

Inglis is a Canadian company founded in 1913 by John Inglis who specialized in producing machinery for grist and flour mills. During WWII Inglis manufactured weapons for the U.K and British Commonwealth military forces. In 1987 The Whirlpool corporation bought out Inglis and in 2001, changed its name to Whirlpool.

Inglis Fridge Repair

The fridge is one of the most critical appliances in in the household as is keeps your food from going bad! Imagine living in the past where households kept  food cold with large blocks of ice, today it is as easy as opening and closing the door. If your Inglis fridge is acting up or, is not keeping food cold, contact QuickFix today.
Inglis makes 2 types of fridges that vary in style and size, both of which we are skilled and experienced  to repair:

  • Inglis bottom freezer – Bottom freezer fridges are designed with fresh food compartment in the upper part of the refrigerator with freezer in the lower part
  • Inglis top mount – Top mount fridges designed with the freezer on top and the fresh food compartment in the lower portion

Inglis Range Repair

A range is  a cooktop and oven, in a standard size. An electric range is powered with electricity, and gas ranges are powered with  gas and usually have 4 or 5 burners.
Our technicians are proficient at repairing the following Inglis ranges:

  • Inglis Self Clean Electric Ranges – Smooth cooktops which do not require alot of care, keep their brand-new look for years and ovens are self cleaning.
  • Inglis Easy Clean Ranges  – These ranges also keep looking new over the years, they also have a large oven capacity that accommodates the  cooking of larger meals.

Inglis Dishwasher Repair

A Dishwasher is another staple for households as dishes just seem to keep piling up!  It is fantastic to have a machine that does the dirty job for you. A dishwasher that has stopped working or is acting up can cause a great deal of discomfort for family members who depend on it daily.

At QuickFix Appliances  we recognize the importance of a functioning appliance, and that’s why we offer same day repair, skilled and experienced  technicians, and a full 90 days service warranty.
Our technicians are proficient at repairing the following Inglis dishwashers:

  • Inglis Built-In Dishwashers – These dishwashers offer a true built-in appearance with under-the-counter installation flexibility

Inglis Washer / Dryer Repair

When an appliance as important as your washer or dryer goes out of order, it can be a huge hassle for everyone in the home. We understand the importance of a working washer and dryer and that’s why we are here to  accommodate you! We offer same day repair, skilled and experienced technicians, and a full 90 days service warranty.

Our technicians are proficient at repairing the following Inglis laundry appliances:

  • Inglis Dryers – Dryers are extremely convenient for many reasons,  especially in our cold Canadian climate. This dyer technology allows you wash 3 loads of clothes and completely dry them in a matter of 3-4 hours only!
  • Inglis Front and Top Load Washers – The washing machine is a great time and labour saving appliance. Think about how much time and physical labour had to be spent on washing clothes by hand back in the day – don’t go through that – call QuickFix appliances for a same day appointment!

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