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General Electric is one of the most trusted brands in home appliances. Founded in by Thomas Edison and Charles Coffin, after they merged their companies over 100 years ago in 1892. GE has been constantly pushing innovation among all their products and services just like they did when the company was founded.

Even until this day, GE is still one of the leaders in electronics and home appliances. Their appliances continue to always gain a significant amount of market share whether it be their fridges or dishwashers, consumers just trust GE to provide a fantastic product at a great price. GE is constantly developing and re-engineering their appliances to make them more energy efficient, user friendly, and providing more options and features so consumers can get more out of their appliance.

GE is heavily known for their fridges, dishwashers, washers, dryers, stoves and ovens. With many of their appliances around the city, QuickFix Appliance technician do get a lot of practice working on General Electric Appliances. If you ever need a GE appliance repaired, give the experts at QuickFix a call.

GE Fridge Repair

GE fridges can be found all over the GTA. All their styles of fridges whether its their top freezer, bottom freezer or side by side freezer can are all purchased with confidence by all consumers. QuickFix Appliances has plenty of experience with GE fridges including working on the GE profile and GE monogram fridges. If your GE fridge ever lets you down, give the experts at QuickFix Appliances a call.

GE Dishwasher Repair

GE dishwasher are fairly common product that provides a reliable dishwashing experience while also being energy efficient. QuickFix Appliance technicians have lots of experience repairing all types of GE dishwashers including the profile and monogram models! Our technicians carry lots of GE dishwasher parts in our vans, so there is a good chance we can have your GE dishwasher fixed on the spot. If you ever need a repair, call QuickFix Appliances today.

GE Washer Repair

The washers manufactured my GE are extremely reliable as well as energy efficient. They are an extremely popular choice amongst consumers for an affordable washer. If you every need a hand with your GE washer, a QuickFix Appliance technician is always in the neighbourhood and will to help. Call QuickFix today for our same day service!

GE Dryer Repair

Usually bought alongside the washer, is the GE dryers. GE dryers are also known for their reliability and energy efficiency. GE makes a highly conscious effort to ensure that they keep on shortening drying times, while also maintaining low energy usage. If your GE dryer is ever in need for a repair. Call QuickFix Appliances today for service.

GE Stove Repair

GE stoves are an extremely popular choice for consumers. Whether it being an electric, gas or ceramic cooktops, all are a fantastic option for cooking meals. QuickFix technicians have ample experience in dealing with all the different cooktops GE has to offer. If you are ever in need of a repair, call QuickFix today and ask about our same day service.

GE Oven Repair

Like their cooktops, GE ovens are also a very popular choice amongst consumers. GE provides many choices and options for their ovens, whether its built in or standalone; Gas or electric. GE ovens also come with convectional heating which will allow you to save energy while cooking your meals. If your GE oven ever lets you down, let QuickFix technicians come by and rescue your oven!

Same Day GE Fridge, Dishwasher, Oven, Stove Washer and Dyer Repair Services in [SessionContent type=”CityNameLong”]

If you live in the Greater [SessionContent type=”CityName”] Area, Quick Fix appliance repair technicians are always in the neighbourhood. With same day GE appliance repair services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your GE appliance using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common GE repair parts.