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Appliance Repair Services

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Our experienced appliance repair technicians will take care of all your appliance repair needs quickly and affordably.QuickFix Appliances is open all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays.

For quick and reliable GE Fridge repairs, call Quick Fix Appliances today at [SessionContent type=”MainPhone”] or Book an appointment online

Why choose QuickFix Appliances?

Same-Day Appliance Repair Service

QuickFix Appliances has strategically placed all our technicians throughout [SessionContent type=”CityNameLong”] so that there is always a technician near you. The QuickFix technicians provide same day service and are even available during the evening, weekends and holidays. Whenever you need us, we will be right there for you to fix your fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove, oven and more!

Skilled and Experienced Appliance Repair Technicians

QuickFix Appliances ensures that all their technicians are highly skilled. Not just that, QuickFix makes sure that each technician is trained properly so that they can identify the problem quickly and get your appliance back up and running before you know it. The results speak for themselves. That is the QuickFix advantage!

Simple and Hassle-Free Appliance Repair

QuickFix Appliances guarantees satisfaction with every single repair we do. The QuickFix vans are always stocked with all the common genuine replacement parts from all the major brands for all the different appliances. This help ensures that we can get your appliance fixed on our first (and only) visit. Thus, getting your appliance working correctly again, and reducing the stress and hassle in your life! Request an Appliance Repair Appointment today.

GE Profile Fridge Repair

GE Profile Fridges are very popular all across North America. The fridges provide great value, reliability and functionality. The GE profile line comes in all variety of looks. You can choose to have your fridge with a stainless steel finish, or a variety of elagent plastic covers. Furthermore, they are many styles, like side by side fridges, or having your freezer on the bottom and fridge on top. There are even some that come with two pull out freezer doors on the bottom. For the fridge doors, you can choose between a single door or french doors. Lastly, you can choose have an ice maker and filtered water system installed. At the end of the day, you will be getting an exceptional fridge no matter which you choose.

GE Monogram Fridge Repair

GE Monogram Fridges are the top of the line series from General Electric. This luxurious refrigerator brightens up any kitchen. The fridges come in many styles and even allows you to install custom doors so that they can match the rest of your kitchen. There are many different variety of fridges in the Monogram series, even some that are able to be built into your kitchen. Even though most of these fridges carry a monstrous price tag, they are worth penny. The convenience, reliability and functionality of the Monogram fridges are unmatched. Even though these fridges are much larger in size compared to traditional fridges, they are surprisingly environmentally friendly.

GE Side By Side Fridge Repair

One of the more higher end styles of fridges is the having the fridge and freezer side by side to each other. These fridges tend to maximize the space of your fridge, allowing you to store more food in the same area. Side by side fridges are available in both the Profile and Monogram product lines. A lot of the these fridges come equipped with filtered water system and ice makers, providing you true luxury, convenience and reliability.

GE Bottom Freezer Repair

The more mid-range fridges are the ones where the freezer is located on the bottom and the fridge on top. This kind of style has many different variants and seems to be the most popular type of fridges on the market. GE provides styles that include single door and french doors for the fridge on top. As well, on some models they provide a two pull out freezer doors that allow to find your food quicker, and not having to sort through a big pile of frozen food. Both Profile and Monogram lines are available in these models.

GE Top Freezer Repair

This style of fridge is more of an entry model fridge, where the freezer is located on the top. Only the GE Profile model line is available in this style of fridge. These fridges provide customers with excellent reliability and value. These type of fridges are found more often in condo units or in homes with small families.

Same Day GE Refrigerator Service And Repairs In [SessionContent type=”CityNameLong”]

If you live in the [SessionContent type=”CityName”] area, Quick Fix appliance repair technicians are always in the neighbourhood. With same day GE fridge services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your GE fridge using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common General Electric refrigerator repair parts.

Call Quick Fix [SessionContent type=”CityName”] appliance repair today if you live in any of our GE refrigerator service & repair service regions.