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At QuickFix we provide same day repair services for all stove and oven models in your condo. Book your appointment with us we are available all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays.

With our services you will be provided a service warranty, same day service, affordable rates, and we provide the best technicians in the business. We are standing by at all times to help you overcome the inconvenience of a faulty condo stove.

Why choose Quick Fix Appliances?

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Same-Day Appliance Repair Service

We have strategically placed our technicians throughout the GTA so we can ensure there is always a technician near you. Our technicians provide same day service and are available during the evening, weekends and holidays. If you need us, we will be there for you to fix any appliance that has been causing you stress!


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Licensed and Insured Technicians

At QuickFix we ensure that all of our technicians are fully-licensed and insured. Not just that, QuickFix makes sure that each technician has quality training so they can identify the problem you are having and get your appliance backup and running in no time. The results speak for themselves. That is the QuickFix advantage!


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Simple and Hassle-Free Repair

QuickFix Appliances guarantees satisfaction with every repair we perform. The Quick fix vans are always fully equipped with the most common replacement parts from the major appliance brands for a variety of different appliances. This ensures that we get your appliance fixed on the first (and only) visit.


Call 1-888-549-6777 for a free quote today!

Are your stove’s heating elements starting to act up? Have you noticed these elements heating slowly, or surging to high heats regardless of where you turn the temperature knob? Have you found yourself staring at an unresponsive stove after you had finished all of the prep work for your dinner?

Unreliable condo stoves are a serious issue. It is bad enough that these malfunctioning kitchen appliances throw a wrench into your daily routine by disrupting your food preparation plans, but some condo stove issues can be house fire hazards. When you share a condo building with dozens or even hundreds of other tenants, the importance of safely-operating stove top elements is even greater.

If you live in a condo in the GTA, there is a QuickFix Appliance Repair technician right around the corner at all times. Don’t let the food you have prepared go to waste; a couple of hours in the fridge while your stove gets treated to new parts is all you need to get back on track. Don’t let a faulty condo stove inconvenience you. If your condo property manager or maintenance staff are preoccupied or inexperienced, we can help!

Why repair your stove?

Are your stove’s heating elements starting to act up? Have you noticed these elements heating slowly or staying way to hot? Unreliable condo stoves are a serious problem. It is already a hassle when your appliances malfunction but having a stove that overheats can be fire hazards.

Our condo stove repair service is competitively priced, and will save you money! Don’t waste any more money throwing out poorly-cooked food. Don’t put up with unbelievably priced energy bills any longer. Professional condo stove repairs can save your the trouble of both. Our technicians will not leave you with your problem until your condo stove is in perfect working condition again. Our goal is to make even cooking and efficient energy consumption possible for you.

Call our stove help line at 1-888-549-6777 for your condo stove repair today!


Service Areas

QuickFix Appliances provides appliance repair services around the Greater Toronto Area and the following regions:

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We service gas stoves and electric stoves for condo owners so if your appliance breaks down at the worst possible time give us a call at 1-888-549-6777 or visit us online to book your appointment today!