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Brampton Appliance Repair

Brampton is already one of the biggest towns in Peel and continues to grow rapidly. QuickFix Appliances has teams of technicians working throughout Castlemore, Bramlea, Mount Pleasant, Churchville, Springdale, Snelgrove and elsewhere in regions throughout the GTA ready to come to your aid to repair your appliances.

Brampton Fridge Repair

Is your fridge dripping, or sweating, or freezing your milk? Our QuickFix Appliances Brampton fridge repair team can diagnose what is going wrong and fix it in a jiffy so your food stays fresh and you don’t lose your cool either! With QuickFix Appliances, Brampton fridge repairs have never been easier!

Brampton Washer Repair

If your washer if refusing to rinse or spin or simply leaves your clothes dirty then you need a QuickFix from our Brampton washer repair team. We carry genuine manufacturer’s spare parts in our well-stocked fleet of appliance repair vans so can probably diagnose and fix your washer repair problem in just one visit. Reliable, professional appliance repairs in a quick, affordable and hassle-free way – that is the QuickFix motto!

Brampton Dryer Repair

We have QuickFix Appliances dryer repair technicians stationed throughout Brampton to come to your aid. Our personnel are professional and knowledgeable and will be able to diagnose your dryer problem and make a start on the repair within just minutes of arrival. No Brampton dryer repair is too big or too small. Call us today and have your laundry drying again before the day is done. We can even give you tips on how to keep your dryer running more efficiently and better than ever before!

Brampton Dishwasher Repair

When your dishwasher breaks down and floods the kitchen it can truly disrupt the smooth flow of your family life! But don’t despair… QuickFix Appliances’ Brampton team of dishwasher repair technicians can quickly diagnose and solve your problem so that your life soon gets back on track again. Call our Brampton appliance repair squad today for same day service or to schedule another time for your dishwasher repair.

Brampton Stove and Oven Repair

When you can’t cook and your family is hungry it can be very frustrating. We know that you need your stove or oven to work again ASAP. That is why we have stationed a team QuickFix Appliances oven and stove repair technicians to work in the Brampton area, so that your appliances are out of order for the shortest possible time. Our repair vans carry stove and oven replacement parts for all the major brands. So at the first sign of oven or stove problems, give QuickFix Appliances a call and ask for our same day Brampton repair service or schedule another appointment time to suit your convenience. With QuickFix Appliances, stove, oven and other appliance repairs in Brampton couldn’t get any easier.