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Washing Tips for Washing Machines

Over time your washer is going to need a repair or two, especially as it begins to age. By using your machine properly, and performing regular maintenance, you can not only get cleaner clothes, but extend the life of your washing machine as well. Keep reading for washing tips...
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3 Maintenance Tips for Fridges in the GTA

Your fridge an important appliance to have in your home, and if it breaks down you will lose a lot of money not only in repairs, but in groceries if the food inside rots. No one wants to run into this problem, especially over the holidays, but luckily there are ways to avoid...
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Why Won’t My Kenmore Dryer Shut Off

  Worried that your endlessly running Kenmore dryer is going to cause a problem? See if the problem may just be a faulty part that can be easily replaced! Can’t find the problem or need a licensed technician to fix it? Let Quick Fix Appliance’s team take care of your Kenmore...
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3 Reasons Your Kenmore Fridge Might be Leaking

Getting a midnight snack from the fridge and end up with soaking socks? Find out 3 reasons why your fridge could be leaking, and what to do about it! Rather have a professional and experienced technician take a look at your Kenmore Appliance? Call Quick Fix Appliances or book an...
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Tips to Troubleshoot Common Problems with your Sub-Zero Fridge

Complications with your fridge can stem from a variety of problems that can cause huge issues in the preservation of your food. Symptoms such as unusual heat in the fridge body or loss of coldness are signs that there is an issue. Before contacting a repair service, you can take...
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5 Items You Shouldn’t Put In Your Dishwasher

Let’s be real: with the luxury of owning a KitchenAid dishwasher, no one wants to handwash dishes. We get it. But you’d be surprised to find that many of the items you put t hrough your dishwasher are actually quite unsafe for the appliance or the cooking tools themselves. You...
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Save Money on Stove Repairs: 4 Appliance Maintenance Tips

Paying for stove repairs is never fun, especially when they could have been avoided with a few minutes of preventative maintenance each month. In this post, the Quick Fix stove repair experts share 4 appliance maintenance tips to save you money and keep your cooking gear running...
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Kenmore Dishwasher Service Tips: Fix A Non-Draining Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher refusing to drain? Hopefully you spotted this fault before you tried to run another load, otherwise you’re looking at some serious flood damage. In either case, Quick Fix can help. Whether you’re looking to book a professional Kenmore dishwasher service, or...
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Kenmore Appliance Advice: 7 Signs of Fridge Failure

Kenmore appliances are built to last, but even a top-tier Kenmore fridge will stop working someday. In this post, our Kenmore appliance repair experts share 7 signs of fridge failure. If any of these issues sound familiar, give us a call at 1-888-549-6777 – your grocery and...
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My Fridge Door Won’t Seal: Repair Tips from Appliance Service Experts

Though most appliance service calls have to do with more critical internal component failures, faulty fridge doors are just as serious of a problem. While the fix is usually less involved and less expensive, a faulty door will stop an otherwise functional fridge from doing its...
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