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AMANA APPLIANCE REPAIR Fridge | Stove| Oven | Dishwasher | Washer Dryer Repairs

  • TSSA Certified Electric & Gas AMANA Appliance Repair Technician i
  • ODP Licensed Refrigerant &  Compressor | Seal System Technician
  • 15 + Years Repair Experiences with all  AMANA Models
  • 90 Days Warranty On Our Appliance Repairs  
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7 Days a Week Service

Applaince Repair Technician Available Weekdays & Weekend

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Licensed | Insured | Certified

TSSA & ODP Licensed To Work on Electric, Gas Appliances | Seal System Refrigeration Works

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Amana has really expanded into manufacturing a wide variety of household appliances, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, dryers, washers and more! Amana appliances continue to be innovative and have a series of unique designs to them.

Its the number one choice of canadian homeowner when it comes to chic modern looking appliance at a very reasonable price range.

We at QuickFix knows Amana appliance inside and out. We are well verse with every possible problem that can break down with your Amana Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryers. Whenever you face any issue with Amana Appliance. Call the professional to quick, reliable and affordable repair that will last for good. And best part is we warranty our repair for 90 days on our Amana appliance repairs. 

Rest assure that your dollar you invest on your Amana Appliance repair is worth it with our no-nonsense 90 days parts and labor warranty.

It rarely happens that you have contact us again after the repair. But if it does. You have peace of mind that you are not going to spend another dollar on it again. 

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Amana Fridge Repair

Amana offers a variety of fridge types including; top-freezer refrigerators,, side-by-side, french-door, and bottom-freezer refrigerators. If your Amana refrigerator is having problems. Contact our QuickFix Appliance repair specialists. Our technicians are familiar with all types of Amana fridge models.

  • Fridge not Cooling 
  • Freezer is ok, but Fridge not cooling
  • Water leaking inside fridge
  • Fridge is noisy and Compressor is hot
  • Fridge door seal is ripped and change to change.

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Here are some frequently asked questions for Amana Appliance.

My 15 years old Amana Fridge is not cooling? Is this worth fixing it ?

Yes, We recommend our client to atleast give one or max two repair attemtp before giving up on any of their older appliance as older appliance are made stronger than newer latest model which has many computer boards which are prone to more maintenance requirement and repairs.

My Amana Washer is not filling water. What could be wrong with it and it is repairable ?

It could be simple clogg inlet valve to faulty Inlet valve to faulty Sensor. Contact us and schedule a professional Amana Washer repair technician to take a look at it and diagnose the problem and fix it for good.

We have dinner party at home today. Do you provide same day service?

Yes, we book our 90% jobs with same day service and most of them only require one visit to fix it. We only need return visit when required part is not in stock and need to order and wait for part to arrive.

My Amana Oven glass door is broken. Can you replace it with a new one?

Sure thing. Just send us the Model number of your oven. We will replace it in no time.

We supply Amana origianals parts. Be it your Amana Fridge, Stove, Oven and your Amana laundry machines.  

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