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For quick and reliable appliance repairs in Toronto area, call QuickFix Appliances today at 1-888-549-6777 or Book an appointment online

Appliance Repair Services

in Toronto & GTA, Cambridge, Barrie, Hamilton and Oshawa areas

Our experienced appliance repair technicians will take care of all your appliance repair needs quickly and affordably. We are open all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays.

For service and reliable repair of AEG appliances, call QuickFix Appliances today at 1-888-549-6777 or Book an appointment online

Why choose QuickFix Appliances?

Same-Day Appliance Repair Service

QuickFix Appliances has strategically placed all our technicians throughout Toronto area so that there is always a technician near you. The QuickFix technicians provide same day service and are even available during the evening, weekends and holidays. Whenever you need us, we will be right there for you to fix your fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove, oven and more!

Skilled and Experienced Appliance Repair Technicians

QuickFix Appliances ensures that all their technicians are fully-trained and highly skilled. Not just that, QuickFix makes sure that each technician is trained properly so that they can identify the problem quickly and get your appliance back up and running before you know it. The results speak for themselves. That is the QuickFix advantage!

Simple and Hassle-Free Appliance Repair

QuickFix Appliances guarantees satisfaction with every single repair we do. The QuickFix vans are always stocked with all the common genuine replacement parts from all the major brands for all the different appliances. This help ensures that we can get your appliance fixed on our first (and only) visit. Thus, getting your appliance working correctly again, and reducing the stress and hassle in your life! Request an Appliance Repair Appointment today.

Discount Repair Coupons

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For first time customers with AEG appliances

Call our AEG help line at 1-888-549-6777.

AEG Appliances

AEG is a German appliance company that was founded in 1883. The founder is Emil Rathenau, an engineer. AEG made its mark early in the game with the help of a designer who helped shape the company image. This designer shaped all aspects of AEG, from the product designs to the architecture of AEG manufacturing buildings. AEG’s logo rings true to every appliance the produce; “Perfekt in Form and Funktion”. AEG produces a wide variety of home appliances that offer precision, durability, and comfort, and are built with confidence and pride.

AEG Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher is truly a crucial element in any kitchen, and when you shop with AEG, you are recieving more than just a dishwasher. AEG prides themselves on producing highly efficient and noise-free dishwashers. AEG dishwashers are made using high quality and durable materials and can extinguish even the toughest of stains. However, even with the best brands, sometimes bump can come along in the road. What do you do if your AEG dishwasher breaks down?

At QuickFix  Appliance Repair we offer same-day and warrantied repairs on all AEG dishwashers, including:

  • fully integrated dishwasher
  • partially integrated dishwasher
  • And more! Call us today to speak to a experienced and skilled repair technician.

AEG Stove and Oven Repair

AEG stoves are designed to be high performance beasts that are easy to use. AEG offers a wide variety of oven models, including the double built-in oven, the steam oven, and more! AEG builds their ovens and stoves with design in mind, making AEG ovens a must for any design-savvy home owner. If your AEG stove has any issues or ever breaks down, don’t panic! Call the experts at QuickFix Appliances! We are available year round and provide same day service.

AEG Laundry Appliances

AEG produces high quality laundry appliances that are energy efficient, thus saving you electricity and water. As always, even the top brands can break down from time to time. A functioning home can quickly go awry when dealing with a broken down laundry appliance. At Quick Appliance Repair we wholeheartedly recognize that and we’ve built our appliance repair business in a way that accommodates you! We offer same day repair, skilled and experienced technicians, and a full 90 days service warranty.

We are experienced in repairing the following AEG laundry appliances:

  • Top Load Washer – Washing machine is a great time and manual labour saving appliance. Think about how much time and physical labour had to be spent on washing clothes by hand back in the day! This is by far one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century.
  • Electric/Gas Dryer – Dryers are immensely convenient as well especially in our cold Canadian climate. This technology allows us to wash 3 loads of clothes and completely dry them up in a matter of 3-4 hours tops.

Same Day AEG Appliance Repair Services in Toronto & GTA, Cambridge, Barrie, Hamilton and Oshawa areas

If you are a resident of Toronto, the GTA or surrounding cities, QuickFix Appliance repair technicians are in your area and will work at your convenience! With same day AEG appliance repair services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your AEG appliance using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common AEG repair parts.

Book an appointment with a AEG technician: 1-888-549-6777

Call QuickFix Appliances now for your free estimate or request an appointment online! Check for same-day service.

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